Our Story

Kandi - bracelets traditionally made with pony beads, often containing messages and patterns worn at music festivals. These bracelets are traded between attendees as a show of friendship.

After attending countless festivals, making tons of friends and kandi trades along the way, founders Jason, Johnny, Jose, and Sam felt this beautiful ritual of passing on positive messages to one another shouldn't just be restricted within festival grounds. And up until now, there was no easy way to track who gave you which bracelet. This resulted in many faded memories and missed connections!

Kandi In Public set out to change this by making the entire trade history of one of our bracelets trackable online. We wanted to solidify the connections these bracelet trades made, and also showcase the history behind each one. We wanted to make a premium bracelet you would wear not just at events, but everyday to stay inspired.

Wear the message you identify with most. When you meet someone who could use the message more than you, pass it on to them. Then go online and using our unique ID numbers stamped on each bracelet, you may write a story of why you gave the bracelet away. When you receive a bracelet from someone else, you may also write a story of how you met them, or simply thank them. Over time, you will be able to see the complete trade history of your bracelet!

Our company aims to spread awareness on the positivity behind "Kandi culture" and how one little message worn on a wrist can go a long way. And we're giving back to the world, with each bracelet bought, 5% of the proceeds go to support our charitable alliances.